Local Hero: Visual Effects Generalist/Animator/Compositor

Software: Maya, nCloth, Speedtree, Arnold, After Effects, Nuke

Projects: The Morning Show (Apple TV), Black Summer, Foster Boy, Inherit the Viper, Critters: A New Batch

Santa Monica, Ca


The Third Floor: Post Viz, Camera and Character Animation, Compositing, Camera Tracking

Software: Maya, After Effects, PFTrack

Projects: Spiderman: Far From Home

Burbank, Ca


Muse VFX: Visual Effects/Look Development/Modeler/Animator/Textures/Set Extension/Compositing Software: Modo, Fusion, Photoshop

Projects: Undisclosed Marvel Production, NCIS, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

Hollywood, Ca


DC Creative: Camera Tracking/Modeling/Texturing Software:

Mocha, After Effects, Modo, Photoshop Projects: Mr. Student

Body President, Go90 Streaming TV

Burbank, Ca


Tandem Digital / V Squared Labs: CG Supervisor, Broadcast Animation, 3D Logos, Large Scale

Screen Presentations, Production design and renderings, 3D Previsualization/fly through, Concert

Backgrounds. Software: After Effects, Modo, Lightwave, Illistrator, Photoshop

Projects: Jegermeister, UCI Irvine, Windows, GE, Amway, Eventworks, Lady Gaga

Calabasas, Ca


The Asylum: Visual Effects, Unreal Engine and Maya integration

Software: Maya, Unreal Engine

Projects: Izzy's Way Home, Car Go, Sharknado 4,5, Ice Sharks

Burbank, Ca


Stargate Studios:Visual Effects/Look Development/Dynamics/Modeler/

Animator/Textures/Set Extension

Software: Modo, Lightwave, After Effects

Projects: Heroes Reborn, Lab Rats, Fear The Walking Dead

Pasadena, Ca


CoSA VFX: Visual Effects/Look Development/Modeler/Animator/Textures/Set Extension

Software: Modo, Lightwave, 3DStudio Max, Nuke, After Effects

Projects: CSI, Agents of SHIELD, Gotham, The Last Ship, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

North Hollywood, Ca


Riot Inc.: Visual Effects Artist/Tracking/Modeler/Animator/Research & Development

Software: Lightwave, After Effects, Digital Fusion, Photoshop

Projects: Commercial for Coke Zero and Feature film, The Dark is Rising.

Santa Monica, Ca


The Syndicate: Visual Effects Artist/Textures/Modeler/Animator

Software: Lightwave, Modo, Photoshop

Project: Commercial for Magic Mountain

Santa Monica, Ca


Flash Film Works: Visual Effects Artist/Tracking/Textures/Particles

Software: Reel Flow, Lightwave, Digital Fusion, Photoshop

Project: The Guardian Film

Hollywood, Ca


Warner Bros Feature Animation: Visual Effects Artist/Colorist/Modeler/Textures

Software: Lightwave, Photoshop

Projects: Fat Albert the Movie

Sherman Oaks, Ca


Digital Domain: Visual Effects Artist/Modeler/Textures/Animator

Software: Lightwave, Maya, Photoshop

Projects: Commercials for Buick, Disney, Acura and Best Buy

Venice, Ca


Video Symphony: Visual Effects and Animation Instructor

Software: Lightwave, Photoshop, Primiere Pro, Final Cut Pro

Burbank, Ca


Foundation Institute: Visual Effects and Animation Instructor

Software: Lightwave, Photoshop, Primiere Pro

Valencia, Ca


Foundation Imaging: Visual Effects Artist/Modeler/Textures/Particles

Software: Lightwave, Photoshop

Projects: Roughnecks, Starship Troopers Chronicles, Max Steel, Dan Dare, and Spiderman Series Test

Valencia, Ca


Vision Scape Imaging: Video Game Modeler/Effects Artist/Textures

Software: Lightwave, Photoshop

Project: Twisted Metal 4

San Diego, Ca



Spiderman: Far From Home POSTVIS
Black Summer Blood Effects & Eye Treatment
Ariana Grande Breathin: Compositing Hair Flurries Removal
Critters: A New Binge
Heroes Reborn Salt Clones
The Last Ship Truck of Bodies
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Retina Scan
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ice
Gotham Set Extentions
C.S.I. Stairwell
C.S.I. Microphage
C.S.I. Kitty Episode
Dark Is Rising fractal development
Magic Mountain Commercial
Best Buy Commercial
Lexus Spot
American Express Pong Commercial
The Guardian film
Hellraiser 7 direct to dvd
Fat Albert film
Disneyland Anniversary commercial
The Guardian film
Personal Pitch Project DD
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future TV Ep.
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers TV Ep.
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future TV Ep.
Dan Dare Pilot of the Future TV Ep.
Max Steele TV Ep.
Spiderman Pitch
Twisted Metal 4 (first pro gig)
Paul Runyan visual effects animator / creator

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